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Contribute Plug-in


The SurveyMonkey Contribute Plug-in lets Contribute users take surveys and earn twice as much for a participating charity of their choice! Don't have a SurveyMonkey Contribute account? Sign up at
Simply download the app, enable the data connection, and get started — you will earn double the rewards for your chosen charity whenever you complete a Contribute survey. Plus, you’ll help global brands better understand how you engage with technology. When you install the plug-in, you send us data about how you use your phone. We aggregate and analyze this data to gain insights and understand how consumers like you use mobile apps and mobile devices. We may also combine profile data from your Contribute account with your mobile data. Don’t worry — we’re not interested in monitoring what you, as an individual, are doing on your device. We use computer algorithms to analyze your mobile data and produce reports for our customers that only show aggregated data that are de-identified of any personal information. Please view our App Privacy Policy for more details.